I am a writer, librarian, and cat lover based in Orlando, Florida.

“So enter that daily thou mayest grow in knowledge wisdom and love. So depart that daily thou mayest better serve thy fellowmen thy country and thy God.”
Alumni Gateway at Ohio University

The idea that knowledge helps us better serve humanity was first instilled in me during the four years that I walked through the alumni gateway to get to my undergraduate classes. It was further driven home when I pursued my Masters degree in Library and Information Science. Although  my current job title is not that of librarian, I still feel deeply connected to the skills and ideals of the profession. 

To me, being a librarian means reaching out whenever I see a person struggling to find the right information, reaching out to show people that finding information isn’t as hard as they think it is, reaching out to help people make sense of an information saturated society.  I feel very strongly that the most important role of the librarian is that of teacher and that successful librarians are able to show library users how information affects their daily lives. The skills that I honed in library school are ones that I carry with me always, and they have proved useful for my work both inside and outside of traditional libraries.

email: rustbelt.runaway at gmail dot com
twitter: @librarianlaura